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You Don’t Need a Realtor®...Do You?!

Agnes Zak

Agnes Zak is an award-winning Realtor with Premier Sotheby's International Realty who is passionate about helping her clients accomplish their goals a...

Agnes Zak is an award-winning Realtor with Premier Sotheby's International Realty who is passionate about helping her clients accomplish their goals a...

Feb 8 6 minutes read

You’ve read the articles, seen the blog posts, and heard the news. Inventory is tight, here in Naples and around Florida. Your home is beautiful and in a great neighborhood. Now is the time to sell, and you’re sure it will be an easy process.

You don’t need a Realtor®. This will be a breeze, plus you’ll save yourself some money by not paying a commission. 

What does it take, really?

Take some photos, write a quick ad and install a sign. Maybe even tell all your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram your home is available for sale. 

As soon as the word gets out, you’ll have several buyers preview your home. Two of them absolutely fall in love with it, and one will write a full price offer because they really want it. You put so much love into your home, the inspection will be a breeze. Next is the appraisal and it’ll come back for the full sale price, of course. A couple weeks later you’ll be all packed and ready to move. In the meantime the buyers will transfer the closing funds, you’ll receive your proceeds in the bank. 

Simple, right? Except it quite never works that way. 


First impressions are everything, and a potential buyer has to be able to see themselves in your home. Does your home look like you live there or is it an elegant blank slate that allows a buyer to envision their family here? Yes, this really matters, and your Realtor® can tell you how to do it or help you find a professional stager to do it for you.


The pictures you posted online of your home look okay but they don’t really show off just how great your house is or the view you have from the backyard. Did you take them with your phone? No? You paid for a photographer because you’d read an article about the importance of professional photos. Did that photographer have a history of working in real estate? Was there anyone to guide him or her to showcase your home in the best way? 

Understanding Possible Buyers

Not everyone who shows up to view your home is a qualified buyer. Do you know which buyers are best for your home? What their income level may be, where they’re coming from? Posting your home for sale on Facebook isn’t enough. You need to be able to target the right buyer who can afford your home and is looking for what you’re offering.

Price Negotiations

Several weeks and dozens of showings later, you finally get an offer, but it’s not the full price one you originally expected. Now, it’s time to go back and forth with the buyer (or the buyer’s agent). Since those offers didn’t exactly come pouring in as you expected, now you have to decide - do you take this one, go back and forth with the buyer, or reject it and hope eventually for a better offer. 

Home Inspection and Repairs

You’ve taken such good care of your home over the years, the home inspection will be a breeze. Then the report comes back, and the buyers want you to make repairs. And now you’ve learned there’s elevated radon in your home. You’re stressed out. Nothing is going as you thought it would. You can negotiate again, make the repairs, or let the buyer walk away. What do you do?


Of course the appraisal will come back at the same as the sales prices. You’re already packing. It has to. What do you mean it didn’t? What do we do now? An agent working on your behalf would be able to get to the heart of the matter and keep your closing on track.


The buyer’s need an extension on their mortgage? What does that mean? Are they walking away. Your panic will reach peak levels at this point. Then the title company calls, there’s an issue with the title. They need a little longer to get it sorted out. You’re head is swimming. Is this closing going to happen? Right about now, you’re wishing you had help.

Moving Out

Finally, your closing is tomorrow. But your new home isn’t ready. You’ve got nowhere to go for two weeks. Where are you supposed to stay with all of your stuff for all that time? Who do you know who can help you out? You’d be amazed at the connections a Realtor® has, even for short-term rentals and buyers and sellers in a panic.

The selling process is never as easy as you think it will be. There are surprises every step of the way. Add to that your own emotional attachment to your home and the shock of hearing (maybe for the first time) that someone doesn’t love your home as much as you do.

Your Realtor® does so much more than take a few pictures and share your listing on Facebook. We help you get your home ready for buyers, share our knowledge on staging, pricing, and the market so that you’re prepared and your home will reach as many good buyers as possible as soon as it hits the market. We take on a lot of the heavy lifting so you can live your life, pack your things, and find your new home through this entire process.

Yes, you need a Realtor®, and no, selling your home isn’t as simple as it seems. If you’re ready to sell, contact us today so we can help you and keep this as stress-free as possible.

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