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Why Creating Buzz Helps Sell Homes

Agnes Zak

Agnes Zak is an award-winning Realtor with Premier Sotheby's International Realty who is passionate about helping her clients accomplish their goals a...

Agnes Zak is an award-winning Realtor with Premier Sotheby's International Realty who is passionate about helping her clients accomplish their goals a...

Feb 8 4 minutes read

We all want the inside scoop on what we’re interested in, all the information before it’s available to everyone else. It makes us feel “in the know,” as if we know where to go and who to talk to. That feeling is powerful and exciting. Many people worry about missing something, especially in today’s world of constant media, news, and information being shared. When we know something first, we feel more fully informed, and a little bit more in control of the decision-making process.

The new way to sell homes, especially in the Naples market, is a direct result of this desire to have that inside scoop. Selling homes today requires getting buyers excited before a home is even available for sale. With the technology available through the internet and social media, we have mastered capturing that excitement and turning it into offers and sales.

Before Listing on the MLS 

There is no longer any point in rushing to list your home on the MLS and all the real estate websites right away. It’s more important to generate buzz and excitement first. When people become interested before the listing is available, a listing receives much more attention than when we add it to the MLS and start promoting it without that advance buzz.

Here’s how we generate the necessary excitement and interest on a property:

We begin with beautiful photography - standard for our sellers and listings.

  • The next step is to create a compelling social media campaign with a Coming Soon Listing. 
  • And, of course, we let the buyers know they can’t get information about this particular home anywhere else. 
  • Once people are drawn in by the gorgeous photography and curious about the home, then it’s time to list a home for sale on the MLS.

Getting Results from Buzz

The million dollar question, of course, is what are the results? Does it work? Let me share a specific example of a property on Mentor Drive in Naples. In this particular case, we were able to show this home to more than 2800 potential buyers through a social media campaign before it officially hit the market.

Compare that type of exposure to only 1400 views during our total marketing time of two weeks between Trulia, Zillow and - combined! It’s half of what a social media campaign yielded in a shorter amount of time. While it’s best to do multiple types of marketing, in terms of generating buzz and excitement, social media definitely wins.

As soon as the home was listed for sale in the MLS, we advertised and hosted an open house and began showings. Within a few days, the offers began to come in. We generated a total of four offers. Of course, the way you handle multiple offers makes a difference in the outcome, too. Ultimately, the sellers received 99 percent of their asking price, and their home was under contract in 11 days! Compare that to the neighborhood average of 95 percent of asking price and average time on the market at 109 days. The results speak for themselves.

Giving potential buyers a sneak peek doesn’t just create excitement and interest. It gives people time to think and decide if this is the home they really want to pursue. When paired with beautiful photography and a team that knows how to get the most out of marketing tools, these kinds of results aren’t just possible, they’re probable.

Are you thinking of selling your home? Make sure you work with an agent who knows how to market your property, negotiate multiple offers, and get you the best price. Ready for more information? Let’s talk!

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