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Is There Room in Naples?

Agnes Zak

Agnes Zak is an award-winning Realtor with Premier Sotheby's International Realty who is passionate about helping her clients accomplish their goals a...

Agnes Zak is an award-winning Realtor with Premier Sotheby's International Realty who is passionate about helping her clients accomplish their goals a...

Feb 8 4 minutes read

It may not come as a shock to anyone who lives and loves the Naples life that people continue to retire to different parts of Collier County, buy condos on the beach, or move down here with a job or to be closer to a family. The question, though, is whether the area can handle the influx of people.

The population of Collier County will continue to grow for many years, even if the pace of that growth lessens over time, and is projected to reach nearly half a million people by 2040. Retirees will, one day, make up a large portion of the population. That doesn’t mean people who aren’t retired won’t want to live in and around Naples. 

Is there room in the area for all these people? Are we completely built out?

Room For Growth

Collier County is a large place with more than 1.4 million acres. Much of that land (more than 75 percent) is under environmental protection and cannot be developed. When you look around Naples and other parts of the county you may think there’s no possible way anything new could be built. While we may not be as spread out as other, more rural, parts of Florida, there is still 135,000-plus acres of land in Collier County that could be developed - eventually.

Don’t discount existing development projects, either. In 2016, 32 residential developments were approved and created 4,182 lots. At the same time, more than 3,300 new certificates of occupancy were issued, too. Builders continue to find places to put up new housing - both single and multifamily homes - and buyers are taking advantage of the new construction.

Ave Maria and Other Developments

Conceived in 2005 as a new town with the potential of 11,000 new housing units, the recession hit Ave Maria hard. Until around 2015, there were a few hundred homes with almost no commercial development. That has changed as the economy has improved. Builders are putting up homes and because the prices tend to be lower than in Naples, buyers are flocking to it.

Rural Lands West has the capacity for 10,000 homes to be built, too. But even these two aren’t the only options for new housing in and around the Naples area. Along 41 and 951, several developments have the capacity for new units:

  • Hacienda Lakes - 1679 units
  • Isles of Collier - 1610 units
  • Winding Cypress - 845 units
  • Treviso Bay - 431 units
  • Naples Reserve - 1140 units
  • Artesia - 76 units
  • Fiddler’s Creek - 3829 units

Existing Homes and Redevelopment

What should never be forgotten in the housing conversation about Naples and our population growth is that existing homes will continue to have vacancies and be listed for sale. People are constantly moving in and out of the area or simply moving up or down, depending on their family’s situation. As new homes are built, many people who want to get out of the crush of Naples will move to more rural areas, freeing up space for people who want to stay close to the city.

At the same time, plenty of currently developed and built areas in Naples can or may be redeveloped. The Gateway Triangle - where Davis Boulevard and Highway 41 meet - is currently part of redevelopment discussions. What is currently there will likely be torn down and towers of shopping, dining, retail, and housing units will go up in its place.

Is there room in Naples for the population growth expected over the next 20 to 30 years? As long as builders can afford to build and buyers can afford to buy, the answer is a resounding yes. Our area is too beautiful and economically sound for people to ignore. Naples is the place many choose to retire to or raise their family in, and as long as there are areas to develop or even redevelop, there will be homes for people who want to live in our community.

Are you ready to move in or out of Naples to a newly constructed or redeveloped home? Contact us today. Let’s talk!

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