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How to Buy a Home When You’re Expecting a Baby

Agnes Zak

Agnes Zak is an award-winning Realtor with Premier Sotheby's International Realty who is passionate about helping her clients accomplish their goals a...

Agnes Zak is an award-winning Realtor with Premier Sotheby's International Realty who is passionate about helping her clients accomplish their goals a...

Oct 22 5 minutes read

The moment you find out you’re expecting a baby, everything changes -- including how you think about things. Will a carseat fit in your vehicle? Can you afford their college tuition in 18 years? Why is everything unsafe?! 

One major concern many new parents have is about where they currently live. Is there enough space? Do we feel safe or comfortable raising a baby here? Is this the right place to be? Should we buy a new home?

If you realize that a new home is best for you and your little one, you’ve got to consider factors you might not have thought of before you were pregnant. Here’s how to choose the right home for you and for your baby.

Look for the Right Property

It’s common for soon-to-be parents to look for homes with an extra bedroom that they can convert to a nursery. This is often a great way to find the right property with all the features you’d like. But you can also find homes that already have a nursery, especially if you don’t want to do a lot of  extra work after you move in.

Look For Features that Matter to Your Life Right Now

The amount of space and number of bedrooms will be important when you buy, but other features matter too. This is especially true if you plan to stay for at least a few years. 

  • How much storage room is available? Babies, toddlers, and older kids accumulate a lot of stuff. Will you feel crowded within a few months or years?
  • Is there a yard or other space for your child to play? For some parents, playing outside and having a yard for their kids to enjoy is very important to them. Condos and townhomes might not be a good option in this situation.
  • Will it be convenient to have a baby here? Living on an upper floor of a condo is great for some people, but not every new parent will love it. You’ll be lugging car seats, strollers, and all your baby gear to and down the elevator before getting in your vehicle and that could become annoying. 

When you look for a new home, it’s not enough to imagine your furniture in one room or the meals you’ll cook in the kitchen. You also need to think about what it will be like to actually live there with an infant and small child.

Consider the Neighborhood

Buying a home isn’t just purchasing a single building. You’re also buying the lifestyle and feeling in the neighborhood. You might not be thinking of schools just yet, but that’s one thing to keep in mind. When the schools are great, the rest of the neighborhood tends to be safer and better, too.

You’ll also want to look around at what parks, if any, are available for kids to enjoy. Look for family-friend events, attractions, and businesses in the area. If you’re going to have to drive several miles just to give your baby something fun to do, it might not be the right neighborhood for you.

Look to see if other families live in the area. Later, these might be families you can connect with and children your child can play with. Seeing other families is also a good indication of how safe the neighborhood is, too.

Consider Your Future Plans

Do you want a home where your baby can grow beyond the toddler years and still be a good fit when you add to your family? You’ll be looking for a very different home than someone who plans to move again in a few years

You can buy a home that suits your immediate needs and move and upgrade later. You can also choose a home that can grow with you, at least for the next several years. There is no right or wrong answer, but it’s something you want to consider as you’re shopping for your new home.

Whether you’re planning to get pregnant in the next few months or you’re already expecting your little one and counting down the days, finding the right home for you is important. Location, size, and price will always be important, but you have other considerations now, too. It’s important that you find the home that will fit your new life and your new family.

Ready to buy a new home that’s perfect for your little one? I can help you find the perfect home with the features you and baby need. Let’s talk!

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